Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

As humans, we are sinners. Selfish, conceited, and stubborn. We are easily swayed by temptation, instantly captivated at the sight of it. Walls of shame and loneliness are built around our kingdom of isolation, shutting others out. Instead of spreading warm love, we spread the bitter coldness of a frozen heart and bring the curse of winter to the earth.

But there was one who couldn’t bear to see our hearts turn to ice any longer. No matter how many times we shut him out and turned him away, he continued to pursue us. No matter the cost, he wanted to save us. While we were still under the slavery of sin and unrighteousness, he forgave us and died a death that wasn’t for him. All became silent, and as his body grew cold, he exhaled. It is finished.

Jesus Christ is the definition of true love. He was perfect and blameless, yet died a sinner’s death. But three days later, he rose back to life, melting away the ice that froze our hearts and bringing an end to the winter’s reign. Because of his genuine and unconditional love, we are reconciled with him and can live with him forever.

Only this act of true love could have thawed our frozen hearts.




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pinkrhinoceros said: Awesome lesson. On another note, YOU HAVE A CAR ALL TO YOSELF #ballerstatus

O TRU! except it sits at home during the week when i’m at CP :(

Do Not Worry!

Buying a car is a lot harder, and more stressful, than I thought it would be. But I prayed and prayed for God to show me which one to buy and sure enough he gave me a very clear answer. I cannot thank God enough for providing this car for me. It is more than I ever could have asked for

Last week, as I was looking around online listings for potentially good cars, I found one that looked good in Virginia that was being sold by a used car dealer. My parents told me that they generally wanted to avoid used car dealers since they thought they were all shady and selling poorly conditioned cars, but I thought they were just being hardheaded and convinced them to let me check this one out.

When we got there, I instantly got a feeling that this car would be problematic. Everything my parents said about it seemed to be true. We took it to an authorized dealer for a professional inspection and sure enough, there were several costly problems that needed fixing. It seemed like the perfect car initially, but as reality hit, it looked like this car wasn’t the one. However, being my impatient self wanting the car now, I didn’t want to give it up just yet. That’s when the guy who was inspecting the car for me told me in plain words: “don’t buy it.” Those words reminded me of the prayer I said the night before, asking God to let me know if this is the car for me or not. I thought about it some more, and I knew that this had to be God telling me to stay away from this one. I was disappointed and my heart dropped as we declined to purchase, but I knew if God was saying no, the answer to this one was no.

The next day, my dad found another listing online that was being sold at an actual dealer in Towson. He said he would be more comfortable looking at this one because it was a new car dealer, and that this kind of dealer would be very foolish to play any tricks with the car. I liked everything about the car and we decided we would go up for a look the following week, provided the car would not be sold to anyone else in that week. I was worried and impatient that entire week, checking the listing every so often to see if it had been sold yet. It felt like the longest week ever. But I kept reminding myself of Matthew 6, the excerpt titled “Do Not Worry.” Will worrying about this add a single day to my life? God is in control of all things, so worrying does absolutely nothing. Then came Saturday, and miraculously, no one bought the car yet. It looked clean as a whistle, and my uncle, who knows a lot about cars and how to spot any anomalies, came with us and gave it two thumbs up. My dad liked the car very much, and asked if this one was the one. I felt that God was reserving this car for me all along by not having anyone else buy such a fine car from a respected and reputable dealer. It was the exact year and model that I was hoping to get, with all of the features and accessories I had wanted as well. I had a much better feeling about this car than the one from the previous week, so I said yes to my dad. A few hours later, the car I thought I would never be able to drive was finally mine.

I really can’t thank God enough for pointing me to this car or even providing it for me at all. And I thank him for teaching me very valuable lessons, especially patience (even though it was only a weeks difference, and that usually isn’t a lot when looking for a car!). Every time I drive this car, I can only think upon this experience and how God was at the center of it. And I’m thankful that he was, and is, and always will be.

"Third-World Conditions"

At a news conference Wednesday night, Alan Aviles, the president of the Health and Hospitals Corporation, which runs Bellevue, described third-world conditions, with no hot water, no lab or radiology services and pails of water hauled up the stairs to use for flushing toilets.

Bellevue Hospital Evacuates Patients After Backup Power Fails
The New York Times

America’s most populous city—our very own New York City: the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps—now helpless and nearly lifeless. A bustling city turned upside down and brought to its knees.

When in your lifetime would you have thought New York City could be compared to a third-world country? A city filled with lights, people, businesses… a city filled with life… presented at the same level as one of completely opposite characteristics? It’s quite humbling.

New York has always been a city of power, influence, and prestige. The home of Fifth Avenue, the famous Broadway, the flashy Times Square, and a host of other iconic landmarks and districts. People coming and going, caught up in the daily grind of busy New York life. Making names for themselves, chasing wealth, searching for glory.

And yet, all of this stopped when Hurricane Sandy struck. It rendered the city helpless; everything was stripped away in a matter of hours.

To say the least, this episode is far from unfamiliar to me. Everything I’ve been hearing has reminded me of the story described in Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel. We can build skyscrapers that reach the clouds but we will never reach the heights of heaven. We can build for ourselves the greatest name on earth, but we will never match the greatest name in heaven which belongs to Jesus. We can accumulate all the riches of the world, but their worth will vanish in heaven.

We can play god but we will never be God. We can try, but God will always put us into perspective. We are reminded that we are humans. We are humbled to the positions we were made to hold in this world.

God is God and he always will be.